Science Engineering with


About Science Architect

Science Architect helps scientists to process large amounts of scientific information into more clearer, specific and manageable structure.

Generate Better Scientific Ideas

The ability to generate breakthrough ideas in science is a matter of great importance. However, rapidly increasing amounts of knowledge changes the process of scientific discovery. In order to generate competitive scientific ideas, it is necessary to analyze more and more amounts of scientific knowledge. In fact, in many cases the point is reached where the literature analysis by one person is not enough and must be done by multiple scientists. More effective literature analysis alone or with team can be easily achieved with Science Architect.

Main Features

Scientific ideas engineering with latest technologies

Scientific Concepts Drawing Tool

  • Analyse scientific literature and create systems of scientific statements
  • Indicate how statements relate to your problems
  • Raise new hypotheses
  • Ask questions and look for the answers

Scientific Information Analysis Tool

Explore scientific information in a much faster and more effective way than ever before

Communication Tool

Create and analyze systems alone or with large teams simultaneously

Database With Advanced Search Possibilities

  • Skip reading non-relevant information by simplifying systems with keywords
  • Merge several systems and look for new insights

If you read a scientific literature, you should use Science Architect